Business Seminars

At the Introbiz Business Expo 2017 on the 2nd November there will be many different business seminars, business workshops and conferences. Here are the benefits of hosting a seminar at the Introbiz Expo.

– Half page space in the Expo magazine
– Promotion across our social media platforms with 100,000 followers on Twitter
– Data capture from your seminar
– There’ll be pictures of your seminar on the gallery
– Raise your profile and brand awareness

These are available to buy now – please see our sponsorship opportunities.  Please take a look at the business seminars that were held during the Expo 2016 including pictures via the 2016 gallery page.


Google Business Seminar – “Tell Your Story Online”

Learn how to make your website shine across all devices and improve your digital presence through social media, online video and Google My Business.

This seminar starts at 11am till 12pm.


Google Business Seminar 2 – “Reach New Customers Online”

Learn how to make your business more visible online to help new customers find you through search optimisation, local listings and search engine marketing

This seminar starts at 2pm till 3pm.

Web Box Digital

WebBox Digital Seminar – How to Win on Google Adwords in this Changing World

Technology and behaviour is changing. Is your business set up to take advantage of this? You’ll learn how to analyse and understand the behaviour of your target audience, reaching the right people at the right time, positioning yourself to take advantage of changing mobile traffic and driving conversions through winning the moments that matter. This seminar will be suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced Google Adwords users, as well as those wanting to grow their business online.

Digital Cascade

Digital Cascade Seminar – Marketing Your Business Online for Growth

We all know that digital marketing is a must have nowadays. The internet and social media is an essential tool businesses can use to market their products and services to a huge audience full of hot, potential targets.

However, it all needs to be connected. If not, you are wasting your time, effort and money. In this session, Andy Phillips from Digital Cascade Ltd joins the dots and gives you an insight into how to create a digital marketing strategy that works.

Discover a simple stepped process that can transform your digital marketing process.

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