Emma Cooper

Emma Cooper is a professional leader within the network marketing
industry and was ranked in the top five in the world within her first two years of business.

Previously, she worked as a full-time police officer and was looking to explore different career paths with more freedom and flexibility after giving birth to her son, William, and the impending doom that her maternity leave was almost up, she wasn’t quite ready to go back to the police force just yet.

For two and a half years, Emma was extremely determined and worked very hard to get her own business off the ground by selling and marketing Forever Living products, and within six months, she was earning enough money from her own business to allow her to leave the police force.

She founded, alongside her friend Lisa Prescott, My Pro Planner. This venture is targeted towards businesspeople who need to plan their career and responsibilities around family commitments. The planner allows you to track your successes and setbacks and in turn, helps empower you and look towards a more positive future.

Her multi-million pound company success story has inspired so many people who’d like to do the same. Emma is passionate about helping others to achieve their dreams and make a difference to their lives by mentoring startups or those needing some business advice and teach them the skills they need to build their business.

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