Lord Sugar

Alan Michael Sugar was born March 24th 1947 in Hackney, London. He made his start selling car antennas and other electrical goods out of a van which he had bought with his savings of £50. Shortly after in 1968, he founded his company Amstrad and by 1970 the company began its manufacturing unit as well. Over the decade it became one of the foremost marketers of low cost and high-quality electronics like television and car stereos. He used new and innovative lordsugartechniques in the production process which helped the company to cut costs considerably.

In 1991, he became chairman of Tottenham hotspurs and was knighted to Sir Alan Sugar in 2000 for his services to the Home Computer and Electronics Industry.

Lord Sugar is also a star in the renowned reality show called The Apprentice that has been broadcasted on the BBC since2005. 5-7 million viewers in the UK are glued to this show every week watching him as he eliminates one contestant after another.

You may not know that Sugar is a qualified pilot with 30 years’ experience, and owns a Cirrus SR22 four-seat aircraft, based at Stapleford Airfield.

In 2017 he was named the UK’s most searched for director and entrepreneur for the Second consecutive Year.


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