Maria Leijerstam

On the 27th December 2013, Maria Maria 2
Leijerstam became the first person in
the world to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of the Antarctic continent. She set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes.

Maria spent four years planning, creating, training and preparing for this double world record. She built a winning team, drove the project from concept to delivery, pushed through extreme mental and physical barriers and achieved the unthinkable.

In 2012, Maria was the first woman to complete the Siberian Black Ice Race (a 650km cycle across Lake Baikal), coming second overall and in 2007, she was the first Welsh woman to complete the Marathon Des Sables (running six marathons in seven days across the Sahara Desert). She has also raced on the World Series Adventure racing circuit, representing Great Britain, over the last seven years.

Maria has worked for a variety of multi-national organisations including BAE Systems, Ford of Europe and Siemens. She began her career as a Rocket Scientist later moving on to a project management role. She specialised in Business Improvement using methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma and spent a number of years travelling around the world applying her skills across the automotive industry. She later worked for Siemens as Head of Business Improvement for the IT division in the UK.

Maria has a wealth of knowledge in expedition planning, event management and physical training and in 2010, Maria set up her own business, where she combined her love of sport with her business acumen.


Maria will be speaking on the main stage of the Introbiz Expo at 9:50am – get your tickets here.