Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is a global transformational leader, speaker, mentor, teacher and bestselling author. She is the Feng Shui master and star of the hit movie and bestseller, The Secret. She is the creator of diamond Feng Shui, diamond dowsing, inner diamond Feng Shui meditation, diamond leadership and energetic branding. She has students and clients in more than 190 countries and is constantly travelling the world to reach her ultimate vision which is to enlighten more than 500 million people worldwide.

Among her high profile clients in the last 25 years, she consulted and mentored some of the greatest including the likes of Steven Spielberg, the Rolling Stones, and within the self help movement, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Rhonda Byrne, John Gray and Marianne Willamson.

She is know for explaining concepts as energy, quantum physics and enlightenment in a very practical way that supports your daily live and your business results. By using the ancient wisdom of meditation, Feng Shui and dowsing she creates astonishing results with her clients.

Her upcoming agenda of 2017 brings her to the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Mexico, Slovakia, Czechie, Albania, Singapore, Switzerland and many more countries.  Check out her agenda 2017 on this website.

You can consult her personally and be mentored by her by connecting her at


Marie will be speaking on the main stage of the Introbiz Expo at 12:30pm – get your tickets here.