Jessica Cunningham

Jessica has this extraordinary, yet magical belief in people. She sees their ideas and their dreams, no matter how mad, bizarre or crazy they are, she gets it. From her experiences, Jess has learned that nobody knows a person better than they know themselves, and that is something that needs to be respected.

Jessica knows that anything and everything is possible because she has created possibilities where there were none.  Overcoming adversity and hardship and starting two business that made six figures in their first year, all whilst raising her children and both of which were created for zero money, not even a penny, but from an idea and the self-belief she had the grit to make it happen.

Her job when you choose to work with her is to help you get to the end goal, the gold at the end of the rainbow.  To help you create and understand personal and business strategies that will give you balance. And we all know that feeling of spinning plates and not really knowing what to do to get the next step in your business.