Mark “Billy” Billingham


Mark “Billy” Billingham joined the Parachute Regiment in 1983 and served until 1991, holding an array of positions including Patrol Commander for worldwide operational tours to serving as a training instructor for the Regiments as a military specialist.

Billy joined the SAS in 1991 as a Mountain Troop specialist and has been responsible for planning and executing strategic operations and training at the highest level in numerous locations (Iraq, Afghanistan, South America and Africa) and has lead countless hostage rescues.

Billy is a certified SF and Counter Terrorist Sniper Instructor, Advanced Evasive Driving Instructor, Tracking/Jungle Warfare/Navigation Instructor, Demolition/Sabotage Instructor, Ski Mountaineering/Rock Climbing/Abseiling/Ice climbing Instructor, Combat Survival/RTI Instructor, Counter Terrorist Instructor (all options) and has worked as a Patrol Medic/Trauma Life Support agent for 5 hospital attachments.

After his military career, Billy became a celebrity bodyguard looking after some of Hollywood’s A list including: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Sir Michael Caine, Jude Law, Hulk Hogan, Kate Moss, Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise.

Billy is currently working on the TV program SAS: Who Dares Wins, his UK speaking tour,   and serves as a proud Ambassador for the charity REBUILD globally.