25 Top Networking Tips

4 March 2015

We love offering you all advice on how to make the most out of our networking, so below are some quickfire tips for you to put into practice at our upcoming events! FA Wales & Introbiz Business Club

  1. Leave your sales pitch at the door
  2. Take time out of your day to attend a networking event
  3. Dress appropriately
  4. Bring plenty of business cards
  5. Be patient
  6. Prepare some questions
  7. Get involved
  8. Use your time wisely
  9. Practice your elevator pitch
  10. Listen, learn, connect
  11. Keep an open mind
  12. Follow up with your connections
  13. Ask for help if you need it
  14. Establish how your business is different
  15. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know
  16. Offer a discount, if it’s relevant
  17. The more you put in, the more you’ll get out
  18. It’s completely natural to be nervous, just keep at it!
  19. Tell a story that’s relevant to your business – how did you decide to start a business for example
  20. Never underestimate anyone at the event
  21. Head to the Introbiz website to see all upcoming events introbiz.co.uk
  22. You’ll make heaps of genuine friends
  23. Smile!
  24. Bring a notepad and pen to make useful notes
  25. Arrive early at the event
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