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24 August 2015

Blakely Telesales Services


Marilyn Phenis’ company is called Blakely Teleservices.

As your first priority is to carry out your service or provide products to meet your clients’ expectations, you may not always have the time to carry out some essential tasks i.e. market research, credit control, database cleansing/enhancement, customer satisfaction surveys etc. This could result in a delay in payments, fewer opportunities in the pipeline and out-of-date information in your database.

It may not be cost effective for you to employ a full or even part-timer to carry out these functions so you can be left in a catch 22 situation.

Blakely Teleservices will benefit YOU as they can help by offering you their skills and time (a minimum of half day) where, upon receipt of your database and script (if required), the team will contact your existing or potential clients to generate interest for your service/product, create opportunities, make appointments, provide information and report on client feedback.

They can also offer a cash collection and a database cleansing/enhancement service to ensure that all the essential contact details are entered for future marketing purposes.

With over 20 years’ experience in a myriad of disciplines ranging from operations/customer services manager to risk assessment manager in sectors as diverse as pest control to legionella water risk assessments, Blakely can also help with any bespoke service you might require to set up services and processes necessary for your business.

The team is passionate about client satisfaction, they work to the ethos of ‘the customer is king’ and are very lucky to be able to quickly build a rapport with people.

For more information OR to learn more about their services, please call me on 07980 287039 or email

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