Cardiff Entrepreneur Scouts for Talent with New Record Label – Golden Boy Records

16 November 2015

Golden Boy Records

Cardiff businessman, Tej Randeva, can now add music mogul to his forever-growing repertoire of businesses, launching music label Golden Boy Records. Renowned for investing in start-ups Mr Randeva has now set his sights on breaking into the entertainment industry, making use of his business contacts and aggressive marketing style.

Displaying a mission to find and celebrate local talent Tej has invested in a custom-made studio, a musical wonderland that features the latest in production technology.

With the recording studio based in Cardiff Bay Mr Randeva is actively scouting for new music talent, offering aspiring singers and musicians the opportunity to have their material taken seriously.

‘With music being a passion of mine it was a logical step for me to get involved with a project of this nature, having been toying with the idea for many years.’

‘I have put out some adverts locally, mainly online, and have found some amazing Welsh artists already, with singers, rappers, backing singers and many other forms of talent coming forward.’

Inviting all genres to the mic

Where such opportunities are always open to a certain type of artist Mr Randeva is taking a rather different approach, inviting all types of styles and genres to show off their ability.

Echoing the sentiment of a young Simon Cowell Mr Randeva aims to help promising artists, searching for ‘the next big thing in Welsh music’.

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