Cardiff Entrepreneur Takes the Fight to Acne

16 November 2015

After battling acne for fifteen years and receiving every type of conventional treatment, a Cardiff based entrepreneur has launched a range of natural skincare products in a bid to rid suffering skin of acne once and for all.

Jordan Marc Sully, 31, spent his teenage years and twenties travelling back and forth dermatologists. Still suffering with severe adult-acne in his late twenties, he had no option but to make a change. Within 6 months of using Natural Dermatology, his own natural skincare products and adapting a holistic lifestyle, he was free of acne for the first time since the age of 15.

Most cosmetic products contain harsh chemicals, which can be toxic to sensitive skin. Jordan believes the most effective skincare products consist of biologically active ingredients that complement the skins natural layers. The Natural Dermatology range is formulated to suit skin types prone to irritation, containing only the purest ingredients. Each product is packed with high
performance active ingredients that optimises the skins health and are traditionally known for their therapeutic benefits for acne.

Natural Dermatology plans to help acne sufferers by making their natural skincare products available to purchase through its website. The website will also have a holistic health blog as an educational resource on the lifestyle changes needed to support their skincare with a complete natural regime. Jordan has successfully raised £5000 through crowdfunding platform Crowdfunder in order to help the launch of the business. His launch party is on 20th November 5:30pm – 8pm at Indycube, Imperial
House, Trade Street Lane, Cardiff. CF10 5DR and there is open invite for anyone who would like to attend. Jordan said: “The Natural Dermatology approach has transformed my life, both physically and mentally. I am passionate about helping fellow acne sufferers achieve that transformation”.

Mark Hooper, founder of co-working space Indycube and investor, said: “I have known Jordan for over two years. As a seasoned business professional, and sometime investor, I was impressed by the plans, the commitment and the professionalism shown by Jordan. Most impressive however, is Jordan’s passion for developing products that he knows will help those people, like him, who have endured and suffered through adult acne. This is what will ensure the business succeeds, in my opinion.”

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