Citrus Content – Winner of Social Media #VIM2016 Awdard

23 June 2016

citrus content

Citrus Content recognised at the Estate Agent Networking #VIM2016 Awards

Citrus Content was announced winner of Best Service Provider on Social Media 2016 at the Estate Agent Networking #VIM2016 Awards, sponsored by The Property Software Group

Newport based company Citrus Content are this week celebrating their win at these online awards dedicated to the property industry.  This is the first year of the Social Media Awards, which were established to recognise outstanding Visuals, Innovation, and Marketing within the UK Estate Agency and Supplier industry.

Founder of Estate Agent Networking and the #VIM2016 awards, Chris Walkey, stated: “We founded and launched the #VIM2016 (Visual, Innovation & Marketing Awards) to reward those businesses who were excelling on Social Media, a dedicated awards that looks into the likes of Twitter, Facebook, use of images, videos and more. Each winner was chosen by a panel of highly respected and professional industry faces, who each understand the growing power of social media and its importance within the UK property industry. Though not a recommendation, I highly support any business who has achieved an award for their products/services being given the opportunity to tender for new work, as they obviously care very much about their status within their industry and will no doubt also care very much for their clients’ status, too.”

Winners were judged on their social media accounts, and Citrus Content was highlighted as an example of excellence in the service provider category.  The judges commented: “It was obvious from the start of judging that in the category of ‘Best Service Provider on Social Media’ Citrus Content have proven that they listen to their audience in order to understand what they care about, enabling them to create content that their audience will find engaging, interesting and relevant, whilst also skillfully distributing that content far and wide.  Citrus Content are simply head and shoulders above anyone else.”

“We are extremely proud to have won this award over so many other incredible property service providers. Social Media is a huge part of our business and we always strive to provide engaging content as we continue to build relationships within our industry.  I’m very proud of my team,” said Andrea Morgan, Founder and Managing Director of Citrus Content.

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