Energy Advice for Welsh SMEs

12 January 2015

Are you a Welsh SME looking to upgrade to more energy efficient equipment? Then look no further! The Carbon Trust wants to remind you that there is a 0% unsecured business loan funding scheme for small to medium enterprises based here in Wales.

These business loans can be used for a variety of energy efficient technology projects, including lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and biomass. Many of their customers start with a more straightforward project such as lighting before deciding to move on to others after seeing the benefit of their energy cost reductions.

Carbon Trust

Loans are available from £3,000 to £200,000 which is then repayable between 1-4 years. These loans are designed so that the projected energy cost savings are equal to the monthly loan repayments, effectively paying for itself!

For more information, head to the Carbon Trust’s website or call the team on 02890 734398.

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