FeatureTuesday: Jermaine Harris Develops Groundbreaking Programmes

23 February 2016

We’re very excited to release this week’s FeatureTuesday – give it up for Jermaine Harris!Jermaine Harris

Jermaine is a life coach, peak performance strategist, author and speaker. That’s a lot of skill for one man! He is extremely passionate about human potential, personal development and encourages others to change their lives.

His background is in sports psychology and this strong mindedness was put to the test during his studies. He suffered a terrible accident which resulted in a double fracture in his tibia and fibula that almost resulted in him becoming an amputee. It was from this moment on that he realised that it’s not WHAT happens to an individual that defines them, it’s HOW that person overcomes the obstacle.

He’s since been working hard to develop some groundbreaking programmes that will transform your life. These are delivered through books, online products, seminars and speeches. His signature presentation is called “Release Your Inner Dragon” and during this presentation, Jermaine will teach you how to break through the fears that held you back in work, life and business. He’ll also create momentum in your life to make seemingly difficult things become effortless. He’ll even implement a fail-safe system to ensure that the demands, distractions and frustrations of life vie for your focus. He also works with business teams addressing staff’s wellbeing and motivation, and even took a recent corporate client’s staff turnover down from 28% to a tiny 5%.

Jermaine has even delivered speeches on a one-to-one basis as well as standing in front of a crowd of a 1,000. He delivers some home truths that people need to know in order to take action and change the destructive areas of their lives and psyches.

Jermaine said, “I create programmes that ensures greater productivity, increased morale, better performance and improved problem solving that are beneficial for both individuals and teams.

“I chose this path after a fascination with the human mind led me to overcome many obstacles. I feel completely empowered to help others to do the same.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Jermaine to see what he can do for you, you can email jermaine@jermaine-harris.com or call 07770 897470.

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