FeatureTuesday: Advertise with Oceans Media

20 January 2015

Welcome everyone, to the year 2015!

We hope you had a lovely break and are now ready to get back into the swing of things! Our first FeatureTuesday of the year will look at Oceans Media, a business founded by Daniel Jaiyeola and they are based in South Wales but can travel the country to market you and your business.

Specialising in outdoor advertising and other outdoor marketing techniques, the team work with you to achieve and to reach your target market. How exactly do they do this, you may ask? They use ad-screens, which is an LCD screen which is worn on a person and displays both images and videos. Ad-bikes, which are customised bikes with mini bubbles on them with a public address system and also, Ad-vans, which are customised vans with multi-sided advertising boards at the back.

Ad Bikes

How does it work? Well, the customer makes the initial enquiry and then a free face to face consultation is made, to establish exactly what you are looking for. The campaigns are completely bespoke, making you completely different to everyone else out there. The advert is then played Primark Adon whichever device you’ve chosen, the bike, van and/or on a screen, and is shown around your chosen area, allowing the general public to watch and learn about your business. Pretty cool, huh?!

As if you needed any more persuading to consider these wonderfully clever marketing and advertising ideas, this is cheaper than most other methods of outdoor marketing. There is a quick operational turnaround and the video creation and design is also offered. They’ll even sit with you after the campaign has run its course and analyse its effectiveness. So, they truly are a talented and thoughtful bunch!

If you’re an Introbiz member and you’re looking for innovative and fun ways to market and advertise your business, then you’re in luck! Oceans Media is offering you a hefty discount on their offered packages. Make sure you check the leaflet out below!

Does this look and sound like something that could work for you and your business? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch – you can call 02922 093017 or email info@oceansmedia.co.uk. You can also head to their website on http://www.oceansmedia.co.uk/ and follow them on Twitter, @oceansmedialtd.

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