FeatureTuesday: Business Advice with Bob

22 July 2014

Bob Shepherd is passionate, honest and trustworthy with a keen interest in ensuring your business can be the best it can be! With over 44 years’ experience, you can be sure that Bob knows his stuff! Based in Cardiff, Newport, and Monmouth, Bob is keen to help anyone building a business from scratch or who wants to develop their business onwards.

Bob’s background is in finance. He was employed in a major bank for 30 years in commercial and retail management positions. As a ‘critical friend’ to a diverse range of clients, he brings heaps of management and financial expertise.

Bob works very closely with you to ensure that all the elements of running a business are present and working together as they should. Because the money side of business can get messy if left alone it is obviously a priority, but so too is good marketing, business expansion and business planning. Bob will sit with you to devise a realistic plan of what you can and need to achieve. Here are 3 functions of a good business plan for you:

–          Organise and prioritise resources

–          Show someone else that you know what you’re doingBob Shepherd

–          Act as a blueprint for running the business

With Bob’s help and expertise your business will most certainly be going in the right direction. You will maximise potential and direction, streamline your cash flow, improve your forecasting, pricing, accounting, banking to grow your business quickly and successfully.

We asked Bob to comment on why small business should consider using external advice.”Running a small business is tough and the benefit of getting experienced help from someone actually on your side makes it quite simply the best investment  you can make, saving so much time, money and stress!”

If you’d like some advice from Bob about your business (doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up or if you’ve been in the game for years) he’d be more than happy to meet you. You can call him on 07747758596 or email mail@BobShepherdAssociates.co.uk. You can follow Bob on Twitter @bob_shepherd and Bob Shepherd Associates on Facebook for lots of news and updates from the man himself!

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