FeatureTuesday: Eat Your Greens With Cardiff Nutrition Consultancy

28 October 2014

Our feature this week will focus on the Cardiff Nutrition Consultancy. Founder and managing director Chris Cashin boasts 20 years of experience within the food and nutrition industry and wants to share her wealth and knowledge with the people of Wales and beyond! She is very proud of her role with the British Dietetic Association and is the current Chair of the Welsh Dietitians Board , Chair of Sports Dietitians UK and sit on the Board of the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register. She really does know all there is about sport and nutrition!

Chris Cashin 3

Good food and nutrition is an essential part of everyday life but Chris feels that this is fast becoming a very confused area of health. As a professionally qualified dietician, Chris takes her clients under her wing to ensure optimum health and well-being. She does this through achieving long-term dietary changes, improving overall health and feeling of well-being. She also has vast experience in nutrition, sports nutrition and weight management. If you don’t believe me, Chris has featured in a BBC XRay television special which aired in the summer of 2014, which focussed on the health and well-being of the people of Wales.

BDA Full memberGiving someone advice on how to lose or even gain weight can be difficult as it is a sensitive topic for many people. Some people may like the way they look, but simply understand that being under or overweight is unhealthy. Chris will meet with you and listen to your issues and objections. She is understanding, passionate and friendly and will seek to get you back on the track of goodness in no time. She even provides cooking workshops where you can see and understand how to eat healthily. She also shows you how good nutrition can benefit your physical as well as mental state.

Chris says, “I’m extremely passionate about helping clients improve their health, whether it’s to treat a medical condition such as IBS or diabetes or even to improve sporting performance.”

Chris has worked with some of the UK’s top athletes across a wide range of sports and is immensely proud of her achievements. She also not only works with individuals, but also with corporate companies who consider the health of their employees. She does this through workshops, arranging health events in the workplace and by arranging weight management classes.Chris Cashin 2

In order to assess your needs, Chris will start by providing an initial consultation with you, where she asks about your medical history and will then perhaps ask you to complete a food diary if she deems this necessary.

If you’d like to improve your health or even if you’d just like to have a chat with Chris about your aims or if you’re simply looking for advice, then you can get in touch with Chris by calling 02920 892305 or emailing info@cardiffnutritionconsultancy.co.uk.

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