FeatureTuesday: Enter the World of Boats

13 May 2015

This week’s FeatureTuesday is based on a completely different business which is really exciting for us as a network. This week, we’ll be telling you a little bit more about the World of Boats and the Lookout Cafe based in the beautiful Cardiff Bay.

Promising to be a great day out for the whole family, the World of Boats offers a fantastic learning opportunity as well as a fun experience where you can see some of the rarest boats in the world.

Boasting over 40 of these rare boats, there’s videos and touchscreens to give you further information and all voiced by TV’s very own Dick Strawbridge. There are hand on exhibits to see as well as working boat restoration projects so you can get up and personal with the boats.

World of Boats

Dick guides you through the evolution of boats, propulsion, navigation and so much more. The Boat Lab shows you the on-going restorations and there’s a feast of displays and artefacts explaining how everything works and the important role each aspect of the boat had.

Throughout your visit, you’ll find that there’s so much to see and do. There’s an education centre to answer any questions you may have, an evolution theatre to show you how boats have changed over the course of thousands of years as well as a rare boating gallery to show you the different boats there were and are around the world.

The Lookout Café is the perfect way to relax and refresh after all the exploring at the World of Boats. The view is truly stunning as the café juts out over the water and with the delicious food on offer, there’s plenty to tempt everyone, morning, noon and night.

Graham Jones is the owner of this wonderful attraction. When asked why how the venture came about, he said, “The Cardiff World of Boats 2Maritime Museum known as The World of Boats was brought to Cardiff Bay as part of a move by Cardiff City Council to increase the tourist attractions in the bay.

“When the Doctor Who Experience was built as a joint venture between the council and the BBC, a large tract of land behind their exhibition became available and it was on this site that the World of Boats and the Lookout Cafe Bar were built.

Graham thoroughly enjoys what he does. “I have a long history of running events in Cardiff and was approached asking if I would take charge of this venture. I jumped at the opportunity and am very pleased by the manner in which both the exhibition and the Cafe Bar have developed especially with the fact the former has gained the Accredited Attraction status from Tourism Wales.”

For more information about the World of Boats and the Lookout Café, you can head to the website or you can simply head on down there for a great time. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed – it’s truly stunning!

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