FeatureTuesday: A Friend to the Animals

29 July 2014

I’m a great lover of animals and so I was ecstatic to discover that we had an ecologist within the Introbiz network. We really do have such diverse businesses within the network, which we’re extremely fortunate of.


Matt Levan is a professional ecologist and chartered environmentalist. Long words, but he’s certainly a friend to the animals. With over ten years’ experience, it’s fair to say that there’s not much Matt doesn’t know about wildlife. Based in the wilderness of the valleys, Matt works daily to protect and offer advice on the wildlife surrounding us. He can work locally or wider afield.

His services range greatly – he can provide a range of ecological surveys on the wildlife surrounding you and your premises. Matt can offer a flexible service tailored to your needs, when you’re available, and for extremely competitive rates.

Matt works with all sorts of animals and wildlife, but he mostly works with reptiles and amphibians. Here’s a video of Matt working with slow worms, a reptile which has been granted protected status.

Matt and the slow worms

If you’re looking to apply for planning permission to build or extend your property, Matt can help with ecology reports, focussing on the interest of the wildlife. He offers advice on how you can improve your personal impacts on nature, something we all could all use a bit of advice on. A habitat survey will then be done where the end result is a report including a map of the natural habitat and information on the type of animals that live there.  If you then want or need to know more about those animals he can do other surveys to find out.

Matt said, “My work is about everyone benefitting, from the wildlife and businesses to the local people. If all these elements are dealt with in the right way, nature and development can certainly thrive together.”

If you’re looking for a fantastic ecologist or for any advice on the wildlife surrounding yourself, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Levan Ecology. You can call 07886118488 or email matt@levanecology.co.uk.

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