FeatureTuesday: Health and Safety Courses Courtesy of Ajuda Training

10 June 2014

Our very first feature presents a multi award-winning company called Ajuda Training, run by Managing Director Dawn Evans. Ajuda Training pride themselves on “educating people to save lives,” various courses and training on how to perform lifesaving treatments when you would least expect.

Ajuda provides companies with affordable training courses in order to make the workplace, your home or even within the public a much safer place. Ajuda offers a wide range of courses, including manual handling, food hygiene, fire safety and of course, first aid training.

Ajuda Dawn and Sammy

Ajuda do not only operate in Wales, but the UK too so the brand has really grown since it was established back in 2006. There’s a real passion about delivering the very best training for their loyal customers, making a difference to lives and inspiring others to do the same.

They also pride themselves on the quality of delivery, the aftercare the team provide their customers and achieving tangible results. They are also very flexible with when they’re able to deliver their courses. They understand that work hours can very busy and stressful so Ajuda can arrive on short notice, during the evening or even on the weekends.

And it’s not only Introbiz that believe Ajuda Training is a fantastic business. Testimonials from various care homes, nurseries, colleges, charities and leisure centres all express how fantastic Ajuda’s training is. Many also claim that they would be very confident to put their new found training to use, should the emergency ever arise.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ajuda regarding any of the courses and
training they provide, call 02920 576883. You can also follow them on Twitter @AjudaCardiff. The team are more than ready to help you, whatever your query may be!

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