FeatureTuesday: How Healthy is Your Business?

19 January 2016


ActionCOACH is a brand new member of the Introbiz network and it’s fair to say that we’re excited to have the business on board – welcome Graham!

Business is a world that is ever revolving. The pace seems to be increasing constantly and it’s becoming harder than ever to keep up with the changes within your industry, let alone the latest innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies. In an increasingly competitive world where only 1 in 10 businesses survive for a decade, an Action business coach is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

If you’re thinking of hiring a business coach or are fortunate to have one already, you may want to ask yourself 3 questions. Does your business coach guarantee a return on investment from coaching inside 6 months? Does your business coach have over 3,500 proven strategies and tactics in their toolkit? Can your business coach call on the brains and experience of hundreds of teammates?

Well, Graham feels that coaching is a huge privilege and a huge responsibility. Clients let him into their lives and their businesses as he takes a fresh look at the business to see what needs improving or changing.

Graham offers free seminars on a regular basis to further discuss what he does. The seminar this month will be held on Friday, January 29th at Motorline Lexus’ showroom in Cardiff. This seminar will explain how he helps business owners to invest in their business and personal growth.

Graham Orange, a business coach at ActionCOACH said, “I wanted to become a coach because the majority of business owners are working far too hard “in” their business and not “on” the business. This can lead to overworking and dissatisfaction.

“I help business owners of small and medium sized businesses to achieve their personal and business dreams much faster than they could by themselves. Business should be fun and not frightening!”

Well said Graham!

You can contact Graham by calling 01656 658992 or email grahamorange@actioncoach.com.

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