FeatureTuesday: Keep in Step with the Brogue Trader

27 November 2014

The Brogue Trader really is the ultimate shoe haven for any gentleman.Thick, luxurious carpets, sumptuous leather armchairs and row after row of beautiful brogues, you can sit back and relax whilst you browse and try on the hand-made shoe of your choice.

As soon as you step over the threshold, the sweet aroma of leather welcomes you. This lovely, family run business is located within the Morgan Quarter, a Georgian arcade, in the heart of the Welsh capital. Chris Macnamara is the owner of the business and he believes that for a true gentleman, a well-fitting, long lasting shoe goes without saying, like a mark of refinement and a Brogue Trader at Christmasstatement of personal pride.

Chris and the team specialises in a personal fitting service to cater for all shapes and sizes! This means that you are able to book a personal visit to take advantage of the company’s unique service.

Hand-made shoes are a work of art in leather, each made lovingly and carefully. There’s an array of luxurious brands on display on the mahogany shelves, including Oliver Sweeney, Dents, Herring, Loake and of course, The Brogue Trader brand, Christian James. The shop also sells a range of accessories, leather goods such as bags and belts, gentlemen’s umbrellas which are made using ivory, brass, wood and whalebone, vibrant Corgi socks, shoe trees and polish to care for your shiny, beautiful brogues.

This Christmas, there’s a huge focus on the importance of buying your gifts locally. The Welsh Rugby Union and the Cardiff Blues have both taken a strong note on this and are proud to announce a 4 year partnership deal with The Brogue Trader. Chris and his team will now supply the handmade leather shoes for the teams – a massive honour and great news for a local business. Understandably, The Brogue Trader is proud to be able to call themselves official suppliers to Welsh rugby – and rightfully so!

Chris said, ‘’WOW! Who would have thought our little business would have grown so fast?! We’ve only been open for just over a year and are opening two more stores. The Chester opens in January and the Bath store, mid spring. We are associated and supplying the national rugby team and also sponsoring the Cardiff Blues.

It’s been such a great year for our whole family and hope to maintain this momentum going forward. If you haven’t visited our little shoe emporium please give us a try.”

You can visit the shop in the Morgan Quarter arcade or for more information, you can visit their lovely website http://www.thebroguetrader.com/

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