FeatureTuesday: Magic Exists with Bryan Gunton

17 June 2014

This week, our feature concentrates on a completely different sort of business. We’re very fortunate to have a spectacular magician within the Introbiz network. Bryan Gunton is an award winning professional magician. He resides in South Wales but has performed in various venues across the UK.

Bryan performs all over the place as word about his magical act spreads like wildfire. He performs at an array of weddings, balls, black tie and charity events, private parties, corporate events and many more. Bryan boasts an original, bespoke, close-up service and fits in with any occasion you can think of! He performs for all sorts of crowds, big and small. His performances can last anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes.

He can use his magical skills on various objects. From rings and rope to coins and cards. Bryan also likes involve the guests as much as possible during his performance so often asks the guests if they have any objects that he can use from their pockets.

Bryan Gunton 2

His passion, professionalism and friendliness have not gone unnoticed at all. He’s performed to many a celebrity including Sir Terry Wogan, Michel Roux OBE, Heston Blumenthal, Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman and Sir Henry Cooper.

Reading through Bryan’s testimonials that can be seen on his website, there’s no denying that Bryan is a fantastic addition to any event. He clearly makes a great impression wherever he goes and his humour and friendliness makes for a truly memorable experience.

If you require a magician for any of your upcoming events, weddings, parties or even corporate events, then you’ll definitely want to book Bryan. You can get in touch with him by calling 01446 500221 or email info@bryangunton.co.uk.

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