FeatureTuesday: Relax and Unwind at Tiger Health Spa

27 January 2015

This week’s feature is all about the Year of the Tiger Health Spa, a relaxing and luxurious spa opened by Mari Arthur.Tiger Health Spa

Located on the outskirts of Cardiff city centre, there’s a wealth holistic and beauty treatments available to help relive the stresses of everyday life. Along with a team of experienced therapists, they are experts in a whole range of worldly massage techniques and other treatments which are proven to completely relax the body and generally improve your quality of life.

But fear not, if you don’t fancy a massage, then you can pop along for a well-deserved beauty treatment. You can enjoy a manicure, pedicure, waxing, threading and eyelash treatment and you don’t have to pay the earth for them. You see, at Tiger Health Spa, their goal is to ensure that these treatments become a way of life and not just a luxury once in a blue moon!

You can also enjoy a day of pure pampering with a group of friends or family, or even as a couple! The team love hosting all sorts of parties including hen do’s, so you can have a good time while you relax and unwind before your Big Day.

There’s a range of packages available to choose from, depending on what you’re looking for. Some of these can even
be tailored to your personal needs.

Mari Arthur, founder and director of Tiger Health Spa discussed what she felt the market here in the UK was missing and why she decided to start the business.

“I regularly visit China with my work and always enjoy a foot massage when I arrive.

“About 6 years ago, I started comparing the Eastern and Western perception of treatments and started looking for a quality Eastern-style spa in Cardiff. Something affordable but offered great massages. I struggled to find somewhere and so decided to open my own spa.

Tiger Health Spa

“In 2010, the Year of the Tiger, Tiger Health Spa was born.”

The business has grown tremendously ever since, even moving to larger premises on Albany Road back in 2013. The team focus greatly on the quality of the treatments as well as customer service and this has paid off, they won the Cardiff Life Beauty Award in March 2014 – a great achievement!

Itching for a massage? Me too! All the team ask for is that you choose and book your treatment in advance in order to make the experience as special and unique as possible. To see all their treatments, visit their website tigerhealthspa.com/. To book, you can call the team on 02920 450 050 or email relax@tigerhealthspa.com.

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