FeatureTuesday: Stratum’s Layered Approach to Learning

25 August 2015

With 15 years’ experience within the training and development industry, Stratum are experts when it comes to helping you grow and develop your business. Their comprehensive portfolio of courses includes digital IT training, project and service management and a range of workforce development workshops designed to lead your business on the path to continuous improvement.

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Stratum recognises that training is not a commodity, it’s an investment. Unlike other training companies, Stratum use their ‘distance travelled’ method which measures the progress of every business delegate along the way, not only proving the effectiveness of learning but also demonstrating your return on investment.

Mike Hughes, Managing Director at Stratum, welcomes any training enquiries and is always happy for businesses to exploit their expertise. The training team can look at each specific skill needed within your business and recommend the most effective (and cost-effective) solution.

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When asked about Stratum’s approach to training he said, “We believe that training is an investment which should deliver genuine benefits to your business. We provide everything from public training courses to large scale tailored programmes and work in close partnership with each individual business to ensure that training is customised to their precise needs.”

If you are looking to grow your business and develop your current workforce, head over to Stratum for a chat with Mike and the training team or give them a call on 0845 650 6500. For further information on the courses they provide, check out their website.

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