FeatureTuesday: Your Home Planned Beautifully with Dakara Virtual

1 September 2015

Dakara Virtual is a very specialised and unique business. We’re super excited to welcome them to the network – their work is truly amazing!

Based in Cardiff, they are a virtual property service which aims to help people to sell their properties quicker. In a technology based market, you need to ensure that your property stands out from the rest in the area – that’s where Dakara steps in!

Despite the purpose of floor plans originally being to depict 3D layouts in a 2D way, technological developments has allowed the rendering process of 3D models to be much more cost effective. Not only this, the 3D plans show a better depth of image and are often complimented by 3D furniture in the room.

Dakara Virtual

Dakara’s 3D models and tours mean that when thinking about what properties to buy, potential customers will already have seen these in great detail. The services they offer are perfect for estate agents and will help to gain the interest of the public much faster. Why? Well, a virtual model of a house shows the layout of the rooms before having to physically visit the house. This allows the public to get a true feeling as to what they can do with the property to add their sparkle to it!

Dakara Virtual 2

Director, Mike Adams said, “We started Dakara when my business partner, Ali was looking for a house. We wanted to know if we could convert the loft, so he downloaded some software and made a model…and here we are today!

“We help people to see their homes faster and for a price that is right for them. We also work with hotels, restaurants and sports venues to showcase exactly what they have to offer.”

Head on over to Dakara’s website to see how they can help you! To call them for a chat, ring 02920 497819.

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