Free Online Webinar with Ideal Auto Enrolment Solutions

17 November 2015

Free Online Webinar

Auto enrolment. It’s all about being ready. But most of all, not being late. 

Andy Parry, Managing Director of Ideal Auto Enrolment Solutions, is a specialist in this particular field. During this free online webinar, Andy will take you through the journey of auto-enrolment. He’ll be pointing out the key issues employers will face at this unprecedented time. He will show you a solution to the problem.

Why should you take part? Well, workplace pension law has changed. The new legislation requires employers to put in place a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme. As an employer you’ll have a number of duties including automatically enrolling certain workers into your Scheme and making contributions on their behalf. Your business will have to complete over 33 administrative tasks to comply with auto-enrolment legislation.

This free webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 18th from 3pm. There are only 30 places remaining so make sure you register your attendance as soon as you can.

Register here for the free webinar  

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