FeatureTuesday: Future Asset Management Offer Financial Services

12 January 2016

Future Asset Management

This week’s exciting feature is based on Future Asset Management LLP, a business which specialises in personal financial planning as well as business financial planning.

Founded in December 2004 by Mr David Wingar, the company has grown from strength to strength since its inception. You may find the words finance and planning completely daunting so it’s great to know that there’s a business like Future Asset Management out there to take your worry away and to be able to take all the technical jargon out!

Believe me when I say, that the team are not only highly professional and completely confident in what they do, but are extremely friendly and approachable. Their main aim, and they do work hard to achieve this, is to ensure that they find the most suitable financial solutions for their clients.

They offer personal financial services as well as corporate services. Some of their personal services include retirement planning, long term savings, mortgage services and private medical insurance. Some of their corporate services include commercial loans, offshore financial services and exit strategy planning.

Their clients do benefit from their holistic approach to financial planning. How do they do this, you may ask? Well, they carry out a full analysis of your current financial situation and helps you to categorise your goals and aspirations. They then create a unique yet realistic plan in order to assist their clients in order for them to reach their target.

David Wingar, Managing Partner at the company said, “After joining the financial services in June 1988, I knew I wanted to start my own business. We now have 8 personnel involved with the day to day running of the business – something I’m really proud to have achieved.

“I am also a professional speaker and I’ve been fortunate enough to speak at conferences all over the world.”

Future Asset Management are actually hosting a seminar on Thursday, January 14th prior to the Introbiz networking event at the Vale Resort. The seminar will look at The 6 Key Elements of Success as an Entrepreneur from 2pm and you’re all welcome to attend.

To book your place to attend this event, you can call the Introbiz office on 02920 291002 or email marketing@introbiz.co.uk.

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