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7 October 2014

Claire Bowen and her great business, Career Recruitment is a new member of the Introbiz network, and we’re extremely happy and pleased to have her on board. After all, most businesses need a loyal band of employees to ensure a successful company, and everyone needs could use a little session on how to improve your CV.  And these are just some of the elements Career Recruitment provide on a daily basis.

Recruitment can be a pretty daunting experience for any business. Will the new employee deliver? Will they be able to keep up with a mountain of work on a daily basis? Will they fit in with the rest of the team? It is a risk, but with the help of Claire and her wealth of knowledge and experience, you don’t need to feel apprehensive about expanding your workforce. Claire and her team of advisers can assist you through the processes in securing the right person for the right job.

Career Recruitment 1

Claire assists employers but she also assists hungry job hunters. The company offers all sorts of ways to help, including useful interview techniques, CV writing, effective job searching workshops and a 1-2-1 service. Their motto is, “we match the right people with the right skills to the right job” which is certainly what Claire strives to achieve.

As well as guiding clients on to their career paths, the team assist people who have perhaps unfortunately been made redundant. While this is usually is an incredibly difficult time for the former employee and employer, Claire and the team offer support and advice and is extremely dedicated to setting them on a new and/or different career path. She is extremely friendly and reliable, so you can depend on Claire to assist in any way possible.

Claire loves what she does and has a terrific passion when it comes to helping others. “There is nothing more satisfying to me than helping people that need to find the right employment and helping them make effective decisions about their career choices.”

Career Recruitment 2

“In my early to mid 20’s, I was doing what I thought was the ‘norm’, always in full time employment, but also moving from one job to the next without giving it much thought really, all I knew was that I could not reach my aspirations.  Until, I had an opportunity through my employer to do some voluntary work with The Prince’s Trust, this was working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, from neglect, abuse, poverty and more.  From this experience I knew then that I had to do something more to help people, this was the start of my professional career.

“I am proud to be able to offer a more rounded service helping people realise and reach their aspirations, making it easier for employers and candidates.”

So if you’re looking for someone to guide and assist you to the career of your dreams, or if you’re looking for an employee to help you build the business you aspire to have, then make sure you get in touch with Career Recruitment. The team of dedicated advisers and Claire will be more than happy to help in any way possible. You can visit the website here or you can call 07473936416.

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