Get Those Legs Pumping with Lewis Chaudhuri Personal Training

27 August 2014

We’re constantly being urged and reminded about the importance of exercising regularly and eating healthily. Every day, the news and media is filled with warnings about the number of people in the UK who are obese. But never fear, that’s where Lewis Chaudhuri Personal Training comes in to save the day!

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Lewis Chaudhuri is a personal trainer and has been a happy member of the Introbiz network for the last 3 months.

With over 10 years’ experience as a chef and 5 years’ experience working as a personal trainer with clients from all over the world, it’s fair to say that Lewis knows the ins and outs of the fitness industry. We all know that exercise is an integral part of becoming fit and healthy; there are other important elements too. Lewis works with his clients to provide plenty of nutritional advice as well as working on a positive outlook on their lives in order to achieve the desired goal/outcome.

Lewis strongly believes in a good work, play ratio for a better quality of life. “My aim is to help clients become healthy through the participation in physical activity and healthy eating habits with an equal emphasis on developing a better work play ratio.”

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He will study many areas of your life in order to achieve and maintain your goal. He will study diet and nutrition, whether you’re mentally prepared for the challenge and of course, the physical side of the training. Lewis also understands the importance of keeping the exercise and motivation going after the training stops. He strives to achieve long term results with his clients, so it really is worth booking a consultation with this health guru!

The fierce and consistent training will result in reducing the level of stress in your life, losing weight, if that’s what you’re looking to achieve, reduce the risk of any health issues, and a sound understanding of the human body and healthy diet.

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If you’re reading this as an Introbiz member and you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle to a much healthier one, and let’s face it, we all could try a bit harder in the exercise and healthy eating department. Make sure you get in touch with Lewis for a consultation. You’ll receive an introductory discount – we all love a good offer!

Lewis is very keen to help you help yourself so make sure you get in touch with him for any further information you may need. You can visit his website here or email

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