Holland House Hosts Introbiz Networking Event

2 May 2014

And there we go, the first event of May 2014 has been and gone and what a fantastic event it was. If you didn’t already know, we were at the very beautiful and modern Mercure Holland House, Cardiff between 4-6pm.

We arrived early at the venue to make sure everything was in place for our wonderful members and visitors and boy, there were a good few of them that arrived! The staff at Holland House ensured that we had a fantastic meeting room filled with hanging drapes but with plenty of natural light. The tables were all set up beautifully for the networking; all we had to do was to wait for the troop to arrive! 

The first hour was used to socialise with each other, a chance for members to catch up with one another and also to be introduced to the newbies, to see what line of business they’re in. This was a great opportunity and we’ve had some great feedback on how our visitors found socialising with fellow visitors and members. During this time, delicious refreshments were served – teas and coffees along with luxurious biscuits and some of the best Welsh cakes we’ve literally ever tasted! 

Our sponsor for the day’s event was none other than Mr. Steve Walker of WK Print. He also gave a quick demonstration of their amazing waterproof printing service – which was fantastic to watch. 

The second hour was used for the power groups and we had great tables filled with wonderful entrepreneurs. The conversation was flowing and there was lots of exchanging of business cards. There were lots of connections made throughout the evening – which is great news! Always remember, business will never come and find you – you have to go out and look for it! And also, don’t forget to follow up with your new connections, a very important part of networking. 

As always, great service from the Holland House and we’ll certainly be back very soon! 

Here’s a list of all Introbiz’s May events http://www.introbiz.co.uk/events.html. To book your place with us, all you need to do is get in touch with us by calling 02920 291002 or email marketing@introbiz.co.uk. You can also follow us on Twitter @introbiz @EmmaIntrobiz @PaulIntrobiz @CardiffBizShow @WalesNo1BizShow. You can also follow us on Facebook or Linked In. 

Happy Networking, the Introbiz Team!

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