Introbiz Enjoy Blazing Sunshine at Pier 64

18 July 2014

This was the first time that I had personally visited Pier 64, Penarth and I was completely blown away by how beautiful the venue and its surroundings really were. The sun was shining down for one of the hottest days of the year and I don’t think there could be a better place to enjoy the brilliant sunshine!


We arrived and it was hard not to notice the most amazing scene of all the boats bobbing happily on the surface of the rippling water. The venue is truly stunning, very homely yet modern feel to it with lots of wood and professional lighting. We started to set up, registration downstairs at the entrance with the event upstairs.

The badges were all laid out, over 50 of them, and the tables upstairs and refreshments were all prepared and awaiting our members and visitors. And we didn’t have to wait long! There was a flurry at the door as everyone arrived, keen to do some networking. The first hour was used for socialising. This particular venue is great for meeting new people as the beautiful surroundings make for a perfect conversation starter. All the floor length windows were open so our guests could enjoy looking out on to the marina.

At 5pm, Tracey, Introbiz’s Managing Director called for quiet to draw everyone’s attention to the next few events we’ll be hosting and the importance of using your time wisely at these events to meet new people. She spoke about the importance of following up with contacts, something many networkers forget to do. Tracey also spoke about the Business Club that Introbiz will be hosting with Lexus and Toyota next week as well as the Business Exhibition, which everyone is very excited about.

Pier 64

The second hour was then used for the power groups. Lots of connections made and business cards were certainly being swapped! This is a great opportunity to get to know your new found connections even better and to learn exactly what sort of business they’re in. You also get the opportunity to ask and answer any questions you may have.

We’d like to thank Pier 64 for their wonderful hospitality as usual, and we look forward to visiting again very soon!

Next week, we’re hosting the first Business Club with Lexus and Toyota Cardiff on Hadfield Road. The event will start at 7:30am on Thursday, July 24th and will be catered by Spiros Caterers. It promises to be a fantastic event, the first of its kind so make sure you get out of bed to make it to this great event!

To see all the events we have coming up throughout the rest of the year, head to our website, To book your place for any of these events, call the Introbiz team on 02920 291002 or email

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Happy Networking, the Introbiz Team!

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