Introbiz Fly to Dragon Park

8 May 2014

Dragon Park 1

There are a lot of changes ahead for Introbiz and our wonderful members. We usually hold events on a Thursday evening at various luxurious locations dotted around South Wales. This week however marks a major change to this schedule. Our weekly networking event was held yesterday (Wednesday, May 7th) at Dragon Park in Newport. 

This is a fantastic venue filled with state of the art facilities. This makes the venue a fantastic place for meetings and networking events which will help to enhance the experience of our members and visitors alike. This is one of the reasons we enjoy coming here so much! 

The Introbiz team arrived early to make sure everything was in order for the event. Our trusty banners went up alongside the faces of Welsh football legends Craig Bellamy and of course, Gareth Bale. Our members arrived bright and early to start socialising with one another while of course, there were plenty of refreshments for everyone to enjoy! Everyone looked to be making some fantastic connections, which is what networking with us is all about. 

This week’s event was sponsored by Horizon Digital, a marketing company based in South Wales. Kevin Ogden, the Managing Director of Horizon Digital, explained to the room that they not only specialise in marketing, but also content, PR, web design and of course, digital print, where it all started for Kevin. Don’t forget Introbiz members that if you have yet to sponsor an event, then please choose an event from our calendar and let us know when you’d like to sponsor! 

For the second hour, we moved on to the main event, which were the power groups. Everyone around the table got the chance to speak for five minutes about themselves and their business to the rest of the table without any interruptions. Many questions were asked which is a great way to get to know your connections better – they should know their field inside out (which they do anyhow!)

A big thank you to all at Dragon Park for making it a fantastic event as usual and we’ll most certainly see you soon! 

If you would like to attend any of our May events, then please get in touch with us today. You can call 02920 291002 or email We’re also on Twitter, @introbiz @EmmaIntrobiz, @Paulintrobiz, @CardiffBizShow and @WalesNo1BizShow. You can also visit our Facebook and Linked In pages. 

Happy Networking, the Introbiz Team 

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