Introbiz to Head to the Vale Resort

2 September 2014

September has arrived, and with it, so has the flurry of preparations for Wales’ Biggest Business Exhibition. The Introbiz Office has never seen anything like it, which is great news and we couldn’t be happier. The weekly events are continuing though, so you can still get your fill of weekly networking.

This week, Introbiz will be at the Vale Resort. There is 1 difference though – the event will be taking place on Wednesday rather than Thursday from 4-6pm. This is due to the Nato Summit taking place in Newport on Thursday so we’ve made some amendments to the networking diary.

The Vale

The event will kick off at the normal time of 4pm where everyone will gather in the beautiful conservatory at the Vale Resort. The stunning conservatory overlooks the luscious golf course, so if the weather is on our side, then it really is a breath-taking view. There will be a delicious selection of refreshments for you to enjoy while you network with many Introbiz members and of course, the wonderful visitors.

The second hour will be used for the wonderful power groups where you will sit on a table with members of other companies. You’ll get the opportunity to speak for 5 minutes completely uninterrupted, where you can talk about yourself and the sort of work that you do. You’ll get the chance to ask and answer any questions at the end. This is also a great opportunity to hand out some business cards. And don’t forget to use your power group form to follow up with any company with which you have a connection.

The Vale 1

There are 2 important rules to remember when networking. The first is to follow up with any connections you have made during the event. Secondly, it takes time to build a relationship and trust so make sure you stick with it.

The event will be great so make sure you book your place to come along. It’ll also be a great opportunity to meet lots of new companies before the Exhibition takes place. You can book your place now by calling the Introbiz Office on 02920 291002 or email

You can also visit our website for all the latest news and you can browse through all the upcoming events.

Happy Networking, the Introbiz Team!

Vale Resort Outside

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