Is a Business Card Really Worth Having at an Introbiz Event?

15 April 2014

Using a Business Card at an Introbiz Networking Event

The business card is the oldest method of business promotion and is still considered the most professional way of introducing yourself as well as your brand. There are lots of ways you can make your business card stand out; after all, you want yours to be the best don’t you?!

Pull out your business card. Have a look at it, front and back. Analyse it. What do you see? Is it too plain or too cluttered with information? Are the colours boring? Does the colour hurt your eyes? If you answered yes to any of these, it’s time for a business card makeover. Start thinking, great card = great success.

stack of credit cards (isolated on white)

First of all, you need to decide on a template, there’s plenty to choose from, just have a browse on the internet. Of course, it all depends on your brand, for example, if you’re a builder then you probably don’t want to choose a pink business card covered with flowers! Look for a design/template that represents your brand the best. You then include your logo and name along with a photograph of yourself (clean ones only!) so that your future clients know exactly who you are. Also, make sure that they’re kept flat and clean. There’s nothing that says, “I’m not really that bothered” more than dirty cards with folded corners.

Now you’re ready to showcase them. We wouldn’t advise you to hand out your business cards to absolutely everyone, unless you’re using them as a promotional tool or as a goodie bag addition. If, while you’re networking and you’ve made a useful connection, then you can whip out your business card. You can explain to your new connection how they can get in touch with you as well as encourage them to browse your website (there’s only so much information you can put in a business card after all!) Another cool addition is that you can include your social media pages on there, such as a link your Linked In page where you can get connected or your Twitter handle (e.g. @EmmaIntrobiz). Hopefully, you’ll receive a business card in return, and there you go, the connection is made and business cards are swapped, and hopefully in return, you’ll see some loyal business come your way!

Why don’t you come along to one of our many networking events to try our your business card? We have many to choose from with one this Thursday. To book your place with us, call 02920 291002 or email or visit You can also follow us on Twitter, @EmmaIntrobiz, @Introbiz, @Paulintrobiz or like us on Facebook.

So, getting a business card with your name and branding could make all the difference between securing a deal as well as making some really interesting and useful connections. They’re also really cool to keep – perhaps you’re not looking for a builder now but who knows when you might need one in the future?!

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