John Evans Picks Up His Brand New Ride(For the Weekend Only!)

1 August 2014

If you remember, last week we held a brilliant breakfast event at Lexus and Toyota Cardiff and during the event, a competition was held. The Introbiz members had to guess how many balloons had been put inside a Toyota car. While some guesses were way off, John Evans of Lucid Ventures managed to get the figure spot on: 96!

John won an amazing prize – he could take a vehicle home with him for the weekend, just as long as he promised to bring it back on Monday! Well, this weekend, John has picked up his brand new toy and we thought we’d give you a sneak peek at how excited he is to get a new car (for the weekend, John!)

Drive safely and make sure you remember to bring it back on Monday! Have fun!

John Evans Picking up the Truck

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