Mobile Phones Needed URGENTLY

30 June 2014

In today’s day and age, everyone has a mobile phone. How many of you own a smartphone but still have your old ones lying unwanted and forgotten in a drawer? I’d imagine quite a few of you!

The Autism Directory aims to help individuals as well as their family who are affected by autism. The charity has joined forces with a separate charity called Hearts & Minds which aims to provide those with autism with iPads. The reason behind this is because some children and adults feel they can only communicate through an iPad, so the work these charities do is so, so important.

These iPads are paid for by the donation of old mobile phones. We need to collect 180 phones for 1 iPad so we really need your help! So far, we’ve got 120 so we’ve got some way to go yet.

This really is a fantastic scheme and it would be great if we all could support as best we can. Take a look in that forgotten drawer and see if you have an old mobile phone hiding away in there, gathering dust. If you’re willing to donate, bring your phone to an Introbiz networking meeting where we’ll collect them and present them to the Autism Directory.

If you could let us know if you have any, then drop us an email at or get in touch with Nadine of the Autism Directory here,

Thanks everyone!

The Autism Directory

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