MOBO Media Set to Redesign the Face of Cardiff

2 April 2015

A local web designer has set his sights on reinventing Cardiff’s image, launching his own digital creative agency to do so.MOBO

Penarth-born Alex Wigmore recently set up from his base in Cardiff Bay, and has already secured the support of several local businesses.

“We are only three months into this venture but have successfully bagged a number of online-focused businesses, handling their web site as well as all aspects of marketing and PR,” said 23-year-old Alex.

“I now have a PR assistant, graphic designers and developers working alongside me and am very confident in my team.

alex wigmoreWith a unique design style MOBO quickly grabbed the attention of many Cardiff based companies, including Transport Broker Group, now handling their collection of sites. E Clean Cleaning Services, High Gear Insurance Ltd, Simtek World and Aven’s Autos are just a few other local businesses that have invested in Alex’s creative side.

With a talent for everything technology Alex had set out his career path at a very young age, having been involved in coding and design since a child.

“I first fell in love with technology when I attended Stanwell School. I remember when all of my classmates were out playing in the fresh air I was trying to hack the school’s server in the IT room. Although a little mischievous it was very fun.”


MOBO services include:

  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Videography
  • PR and Marketing
  • SEO
  • Motion Graphics

If you are looking for any creative support then be sure to take a look at MOBO’s website today!

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