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26 January 2015

As a business, how do you think an app could benefit you? Well, there’s the potential to engage with your customers in real-time, by your location and information. You can promote any offers you may have and an app makes it so much easier and efficient for your customers to get in touch with you on the go.

Mynt Apps understand how vital an app can be for your business and this is why a team of experts are on hand to deliver the best app possible for you.

Here are some of the features of the standard app available to you. The app is available for an iPhone and Android, can include links directly to your website and to your social media pages. You can include a gallery where you upload the images using the master dashboard, and this can also be used to upload text and to add/delete menus as required.

Loyalty cards are a thing of the past. As a business, you should be the first to reward your loyal clients and here’s where Mynt comes in. Why not offer a new loyalty scheme where your clients can freely subscribe to an easy to use customer marketing and information service and then able to download onto smartphones? You’ll certainly be memorable and you’ll for moving with the 21st century!

Clients who don’t turn up to their appointments can be detrimental to your business. With a Mynt app, you can send your clients appointment reminders which is integrated with your existing booking system. This is a quick and convenient way for your clients to book an appointment and is a clean way for you and your staff to manage the bookings, great news for everyone all round!

Mynt Apps

You can also display your service menu and price list so that your clients can see what you offer.

Running a business is extremely time consuming with barely any time for advertising and marketing. With a suitably designed app, you’ll be able to send free and unobtrusive push messages, these look just like a text message but when clicked, takes the user directly to the business app.

This push messaging service can also include any offers that you would like your regular clients to receive. This service would truly set you apart from the crowd.

Built into your app is a business app statistics checker. Here, you can review detailed reports and track the success of your business app. These reports will show how many calls, bookings and referrals you have made via the app.

And if all this wasn’t enough, there’s even more good news if you’re an Introbiz member. You’ll receive a discount on your business app. For you, the app would cost as little as £29 a month!

Sound like something you could use? Of course it is! You can head to the Mynt Apps website to get in touch with the team for more information.

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