Mynt Apps Present Highly Useful Workshops

13 January 2016

Mynt Apps

You should by now know that Introbiz has a great app to use. The Introbiz app includes information about the network, the Expo that we host annually and a networking diary to keep you updated with all that we have going on throughout the year.

Apps are a new thing. We all use them on a daily basis on our smartphones but behind the scenes, are apps really that easy to use? And can they really work for business? Well, Bob Kennedy founder of Mynt Apps is offering his clients a once a month workshop in order to make better use of the apps. We have a Mynt App and we are delighted with the service, professionalism and advice we’ve received from Bob and the team. Nothing is too much trouble – patience is imperative when dealing with businesses who haven’t got the faintest idea about apps and where to start with it!

Held at the Miskin Manor on Monday, January 11th, Bob presented a great workshop on how to best utilize an app for business. Bob discussed the importance of geotargeting and push notifications to attract potential business and also went on to discuss how to upload images and content to make the app even more appealing.

Having worked on the content for the app beforehand, we were somewhat familiar with the back-end of the app and were able to agree with Bob wholeheartedly how easy it is to use.

The workshop was incredibly useful – we can’t wait to put the new skills we learned into practice. If you have a business and are wondering whether an app could work for you, trust us when we say, it really is worth it. It’s been really easy to upload the content needed, edit if needed and promote the links.

It’s definitely worth considering getting an app – especially to attract even more business and to further promote your brand.

Get in touch with Bob Kennedy from Mynt Apps by heading to their website.

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