Why Do You Need to Give Away Promotional Products at Your Event?

1 July 2014

Simple, because your target audience not only want them, like them and keep them but they expect them. Yes folks it is that time of year again, summer shows are on the horizon, you are either being invited to one, exhibiting at one or being dragged around one.

 So what is the most important thing you need to do? PLAN, plan how you will spend your time on the day, prepare so you can be the one who has ‘THE’ best question to ask, and most of all if you are exhibiting don’t forget about your freebies. The sooner you order them the more choice you have, the more you buy the cheaper they will be and so on and so forth.

I am calling all brand ambassadors and business owners, business developers and Marketers to please give your giveaway much more importance because it will pay you back tenfold.

Pick n Mix Stand

Food, glorious food, we can’t live without it! One of the biggest draws and reasons to linger at a stand is food, be it freshly made mini baguettes to keep them going, or ice cold water bottles printed with your company details. Attending shows can be tiring so don’t forget the sugar rush will be very important, you can have pieces of rock created which has your brand details printed the entire way through it, or give away mint cards so they can keep them in their car or handbag.

Bright Tote Bag

Bags of ideas – catch their eye, and as you notice they are laiden down with goods and leaflets and struggling to cram it all in their ‘free’ exhibition bag, pull out a  beautiful cotton shopper or sturdy jute bag. Ideally you want your bag to be the biggest so that all other bags can neatly fit inside it. They will be delighted to fill your bag with their treats and then march proudly around the exhibition promoting  your company, bingo!

Dress to Impress –  after you have pontificated over the stand design, agreed the items to giveaway, wrangled over who is available to man the stand don’t forget to dress your team to impress. Make sure they are all wearing your corporate colours, be it through an embroidered polo shirt or a full colour t-shirt branded with your message on. Recently I was impressed by a team that really stood out, they stood out because they all matched but they were stylish, wearing matching black dresses and simply accessorising with the same red cardigan and neck scarf.The combination of the bold colour and the matching items really made them stand out from the crowd.

so watch this space to see how the guru’s are paving the way to set new trends in customer communication.

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