Net-Walking for the Pituitary Foundation

18 May 2015

Fancy mixing business with a leisurely stroll while taking in the most breath taking views you’ll ever see? You need to get involved with net-walking!

Following the massive success of last year’s event, we’re pleased to be hosting this event again for such a fantastic charity – the Pituitary Foundation. On Friday, June 5th from 11am, we’ll be tackling the mammoth Pen-y-Fan mountain for the morning and looking to beat last year’s funds raised which was a massive £14,000!

This is a great opportunity to network with informally with managing directors, business owners and corporate companies. But don’t forget that the main reason we’re taking on this challenge is to raise money for a small, but extremely important charity. The team work tirelessly on a daily basis to raise the awareness of the condition. Did you know that it’s estimated that over 70,000 people in UK suffer with a pituitary condition? Did you know that the pituitary gland is often referred to as the ‘master gland’ as it controls several of the other hormone glands.

The condition can cause headaches, enlarged hands and feet and can even lead to Cushing’s disease and diabetes. We need to raise awareness of the condition and this is why we’re hosting this event as well as others throughout the year.

You’re more than welcome to join us after the climb at the local pub for a well-deserved drink!

There’s a small £10 registration fee in order to take part in the climb. For more information, you can call the Introbiz office on 02920 291002 or email

Introbiz Netwalking Flyer

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