Safeguard All Savings with 100% Protected Christmas Club

2 June 2014

When the fiasco of the Farepak Collapse happened in 2006, more than £38M was lost. Christmas savings of more than 114,000 families were affected right across Britain, worse still; the company collapsed within 10 weeks of Christmas.

In the following years, not a great deal has changed within the prepaid market. Vouchers are still largely unprotected, supermarket savings stamps are unprotected, as are an awful lot of Gift Cards.   Unfortunately, there are no regulations to fully protect the consumers. If you get caught up in an administration you become an unsecured creditor, meaning you go to the back of the queue for a small dividend, in the case of Farepak it was 14p for every £1.

We were so fed up with this and the unfairness of it all that we decided to do something about it! We’ve teamed up with Prepaid Financial Services where we have created a Christmas savings club where every single penny saved is protected. Your card is locked until November 1st so you are able to top up what you can afford every week or month and cannot be touched until November when it unlocks. You are then free to spend your savings on whatever you wish anywhere you see the MasterCard logo.   You’ll have no worries about the safety of your money. No worries about whether or not your vouchers and gift cards will still be valid. No worries about losing the change off your voucher if you’ve not spent enough.

The card works like a debit card. Simply insert into the chip and pin machine using your unique 4 digit PIN number. Simple, easy and completely safe to use. Visit our website here and simply complete the online form for your card. You can start to top up your card immediately knowing that Christmas is paid for before the big day arrives!   The card even remains unlocked until the end of January, so you can even keep some of your savings for the January sales.

What are you waiting for?! Come and join us at today!

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