Sleep With One Eye Open When Spektar’s Around

3 February 2015

Spektar is a brand new member of the Introbiz network, and I have to say that I, personally, was mightily impressed with what they do on a daily basis – talk about exciting!

You see, they provide a discreet and professional service to every one of their clients with the aim to assist in gathering information and evidence either by video, camera photography, voice recordings, reports and written statements within the boundaries of the law.

Founded by Derek Roberts, an ex-forces member, he’s seen more of the world than the vast majority of us will see in a lifetime. During his time in the forces, his skill set was a sniper instructor, jungle warfare instructor and surveillance.

After his career in the forces, Derek followed what the majority did, and dived headfirst into the security industry. He decided to follow the route of maritime security where the team defended commercial shipping from the Somalian pirates.

Derek said, “It is here where I was taught the world of business. I was quickly promoted to an “In Country Manager,” and I managed 12 countries from Egypt to Durban and all islands in between.”

“Unfortunately I was caught up in a commercial issue in an east African country and I was detained for 7 months. During this time I made the decision that the industry I was in wasn’t a safe place to be and I started to plan my next step. “

And so, Spektar was born. Surveillance, according to Derek, is a form of art within itself. Often done by a team of 3 operators, the information discovered can be critical. Surveillance can be used to identify insurance fraud, matrimonial and domestic issues, and corporate surveillance and this can be done on foot, mobile, in rural areas and commercial.


An individual who chooses to work with Spektar knows that the results could potentially be a life changing experience to either party involved.

Although based in South Wales, the team can cover the whole of the UK. The information they gather is collected in a timely manner and clients are constantly updated on the progress of the task.

With the risk that some very delicate information could be revealed, Spektar abide by a strict set of core values. These include confidentiality, integrity, respect, loyalty, trust, commitment and diligence. And trust me when I say, these guys know what they’re doing. They are a network of army personnel, fully trained in surveillance and private investigating. They truly understand the seriousness of the industry, conducting intense research into the individual.

Asked why he wanted to set up his own surveillance business, Derek said, “I have always enjoyed a good challenge so what’s better than to start my own company! After my experience in Africa, I was adamant that I would not be treated the way I did by my last employer and made the command decision to start up.”

So make sure you keep your wits about you, they’ll be watching! If you require their very unique services, you can call 07714618131 or email You can also visit their website

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