The Art of Following Up

8 April 2015

So, you took the time out of your business day to attend a networking event. You heard the same thing, “you must remember to follow up with your new connections.” Well, how do you do this effectively? Introbiz is here to tell you!

You should have collected a load of business cards during the event, this is why it’s imperative that you have a bunch of your own to hand out. Many people who attend networking events seem to make the same mistake which is to wait to follow up with their connections or wait for the other to make the first move. Honestly, this is a huge no-no! You should make the initial contact no more than 24 hours after the event has taken place. This way, there’s much more of a chance that the individual will remember you.  Follow Up

We’d advise you to send an introductory email, using the address on the business card. This email shouldn’t be too long or short and shouldn’t be overly formal, just introduce yourself and include something along the lines of, “it was great to meet you at the Introbiz event yesterday at the Vale Resort.” Then go on to talk briefly about your business. Why not suggest a meeting to discuss how you’d be able to assist and vice versa?

It’s now okay to connect with them on Linked In and to follow them and their business on Twitter (Facebook is considered to be a more personal social media platform so try and refrain from using this until the relationship has developed further.) This shows that you’re keeping your contact in mind, and they’ll really appreciate this. They may even share relevant news and content related to your business.

If and when a meeting has been set up, make sure you’re clear about your intentions. This way, the other party can prepare anything that needs preparing, such as notes and to make the relevant enquiries. If you can, try to suggest meeting halfway with regards to distance between the two parties. This shows consideration towards the other and always be prepared to pay for the coffee/tea – it looks good on you, shows you care and is generally considered good manners.

One thing we always suggest is that you leave your sales pitch at the door, when you attend a networking event as well as the follow up meeting. The last thing you want to do is scare off your new found connection. Rather than forcing your agenda, ask them questions, about their families, business in general, current affairs, get to know them as a person rather than starting at the deep end. This way, you can follow up the meeting by asking, for example, how their birthday went.

Put the above into practice by attending any of our networking events – there’s an upcoming list here You can book your place by calling the Team on 02920 291002 or email

Just remember to follow up!

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