The Importance of Networking Training

11 November 2015

It’s time for this week’s Linked In discussion and we’re looking at the importance of networking training. We’re asking you for your opinion on some questions we’d like to ask so we’d really appreciate your feedback.


  1. How difficult do you find networking?Networking Training
  2. What do you find difficult at a networking event?
  3. How confident are you when speaking to someone or group at an event?
  4. How would you like to learn more about networking?
    – Workshops
    – By reading a book
    – Online
    – Face to face
  5. How long would you like to learn?
    – 3 months
    – 6 months
    – 9 months
    – A year
    – Ongoing


If you could be so kind as to leave your comments, we’d be extremely grateful! Thanks in advance!

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