What to Wear to a Networking Event

18 February 2015

Here at Introbiz, we always offer lots of useful tips on how to be the best you possibly can at networking. This week, we’re focussing on how to dress appropriately for networking. There are tips here for ladies and gentlemen so do have a read!

For Ladies

Smart but Comfortable
Our networking events are held in some lovely venues, most here in Wales and others further afield, and whilst image isn’t completely everything, Lady Suitit is important to make a good impression. Dress smartly for the event. Not overly smart though, you can leave your floor length gowns at home until our VIP events arrive! A pencil skirt, a smart blouse and blazer is a sure way of making a good impression as is a knee length, smart dress. Networking for two hours is hard work and requires plenty of concentration so comfort is key.

Suitable Shoes
As the above point mentions, comfort is very important while networking. While heels may seem like a good idea at 9am the morning of the meeting, fast forward to 4pm when the Introbiz networking event occurs, it’ll be a very different story! Even if you wouldn’t dream of networking in anything other than heels, make sure you bring some flat shoes with you, just in case!

A Small Handbag
As ladies, we love a good handbag. The bigger, the better in some cases! All our networking events are held in various 4 and 5 star locations so they really are stunning venues. However, some of the venues are a little on the small side. Take it from me, a handbag the size of a dog would not go down well at these sorts of events – constantly clattering into everyone and becoming known as the “woman with the giant bag!” Just take a small shoulder bag in which you are able to fit your business cards, phone, money and keys. Another positive for a shoulder bag is that you will have a free hand to shake all the hands of the connections you’ll make, so take it from us, smaller really is better for networking.

Accessories should be kept to a minimum at any networking event. Think less is more. When you work the room, introducing yourself and making lots of connections, you don’t really want to sound like Santa’s sleigh, jingling all evening. Save the accessories for your floor length or cocktail dress for the VIP Business Exhibition Celebrity Afterparty.


For Gentlemen

Man SuitA Smart Suit
Similarly to a lady, a gentleman should dress smartly for networking. You should wear a crisp, clean and ironed shirt with a suit. If the event is more casual, for example, sometimes we host social events, then smart jeans are also fine to wear with a shirt. You can leave your bow tie or even your tie at home for our regular events however you may need to dig these out for our dressier events such as the VIP Exhibition After Party or an event such as the Gentlemen’s Evening.

We wouldn’t recommend that you wear trainers, flip flops, sandals or boots to our events. Shoes that are polished and unscuffed look smart and you’ll walk with much more confidence. Your confidence will shine when introducing yourselves to lots of connections and hopefully make some great business!

If you work in fashion or have set up your own jewellery line and want to showcase your work, then go for it! However knuckle dusters or your massive gold chain and matching bracelet should be left in a safe at home (or tucked under all your clothes!)


Have fun networking with us!

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