Why Use Chris Mayers for Employment and Workplace Mediation?

3 November 2015

MLM Cartwright

Chris has been a qualified solicitor for more than 32 years, specialising in employment law for the last 15 years.

His career has been interesting and diverse, having practised in most areas of litigation and employment and clinical negligence, including heavy industry, manufacturing, public sector, corporate and SMEs and healthcare.

Why Mediate?

Mediation in employment and workplace disputes is gaining in popularity and is actively encouraged and promoted by Courts and Tribunals.

Mediation by an accredited professional provides an alternative which is:

  • Less expensive than the alternatives of traditional litigation
  • Quicker than litigation through the Court or Tribunal system
  • Can be used where parties remain in an employment relationship, or where that has ended
  • Can be used to restore working relationshipsrather than, as with litigation, deal with the ‘fall out’
  • A truly confidential process which is non-binding on the parties unless and until an agreement is reached
  • Will be determinativeof the mediated issues – no appeal, no litigation.
  • Frees up management time. Recent studies show that most managers spend almost 25% of their time dealing with conflict management.

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