Simon Church


Simon Church is a former Welsh footballer who played for Wales and spent the majority of his time at premier league and championship level.  He earned himself 38 caps for playing for Wales, including two appearances at Euro 2016.

Having retired at the age of 29 due to injury, Simon has swapped his football boots for a three-piece suit. He has set up his own investment firm, which aims to cater primarily to professional sports people and assists with both long and short term investments. Having always had a keen interest in property, Simon recognised the need to invest in his future and so he bought his first project at the age of 20 and is know helping professional athletes do the same.

In June 2019 Simon launched a new business called CBD Performance. Early on in Simons’ career, he had always struggled with the physical demands of professional football. The aches, pains, irregular sleep patterns, and always experiencing problems with his joints, in particular hips, were taking their toll. Year on year it was becoming harder to remain at the high levels and play without restriction. This resulted in the surgeon advising Simon to hang his boots up at the age of 29. One thing he did come across towards the end of his career was CBD oil, something he now wishes he found much earlier; what a different ending he may have had to his football career.

Fast forward one year from the birth of CBD Performance, and after many months of research and product testing, they are extremely excited to bring their THC free CBD sports products to the sports nutrition market.

CBD Performance is on a mission to change the way we train and live our day-to-day, giving everyone the chance to replace the way they recover, revive and repair with a natural, non-psychoactive and addiction free alternative. Born from first-hand professional experience, in 2018 Russell Short and Simon Church brought to market the first fully certified and regulated sports and general wellness CBD supplements in the UK.